Mobile Veterinary Service

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St Louis, MO 63108




Thank you. I just wanted to let you know that you are a very kind person. Yesterday was very hard to do, but having you there definitely made it easier. I never had to go thru that experience before. I know that London and I very much appreciated having your knowledgeable and loving guidance to help us thru. Again, we all thank you so much. And as soon as London and I find each other again we be calling on you to see us in happier times. Till then take care and don't forget to smell the roses.

London, Dawn and Derik

Dear Dr. Pam & Vet Tech. Abbey: We are grateful beyond words for the grace you afforded us through your kindness and compassion. Your evaluation and remedy validated our sense of urgency in seeking help for matters exceeding our limited abilities. Your bravery and effort expended in the convenience and care of animals is presidential. An inestimable currency! This kind of character isn't acquired in schools. These are evidence of decisions made deep within, tested, and proven unyielding.

Thank you!

Joseph & Karen

"Gracie, our 16 yr old greyhound agrees that Dr Clary is the best."

owner Jean Desmond

I don't want to let another day go by without expressing my deepest appreciation for your kindness and your willingness to do what other veterinarians don't consider doing: give a dog the possibility of going home - at home. Your presence was very soothing to all of us.

Your visit was a gift, on many more levels than you could imagine. Thank you for being genuine, kind, and... a hippie :) I would consider myself very, very lucky to have a friend like you.

Gabriela Bieri and Robert Adams